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Julie Kuhlken
December 15, 2023 | Blog | Julie Kuhlken

Winter Wine Remix

Winter Wine Remix

As temperatures drop, you may find yourself turning to winter wine standbys like full-bodied reds to complement the hearty flavors and cozy moments of the season (malbec, anyone?). 

Of course we love any excuse to break open a velvety Texas Tempranillo, but we also get excited about the versatility of wine and the wide range of options that pair with all of the hallmarks of the holidays. 

Here are a few “hot” wine tips for this cold weather season that may surprise you:

Choose rosé in the winter. Lighter, higher acid wines like Over the Moon rosé  are the perfect companion for rich winter fare.  In fact,  rosé  is so special because it can pair well with anything and everything on the holiday party menu – charcuterie or cheese plates during cocktail hour,  latkes or braised short ribs at dinner, and pavlovas at the dessert tables. 

Chill your red wines: If you are choosing a red for the cooler temps, don’t be afraid to put a slight chill on it so it can really show off. Typically, red wine is served at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or just below room temperature. Bringing the temperature down a few degrees before serving can enhance a wine’s  fruit flavors while also taming down tannins. Try popping your GSM Melange in the fridge for a few minutes before your guests arrive so it's the perfect temp for your pairing.

Or heat your wine up! National Sangria Day is in December – surprise! This beloved wine cocktail is fruity and flexible, all about adding in fruits and spices to the wine base for a festive refreshment. The perfect sangria-esque treat for winter is Glogg, the traditional Swedish spiced wine, served warm. Our Stonewall Glögg fortifies local Texas wine with aged brandy, infused with organic spices to make a delectable holiday treat. In fact, Glogg is the only wine that pairs with fruit cake – everyone's favorite! ;) 

There’s no such thing as “cooking” wine: As you bring your menu together, you may find recipes that call for a splash or more of a red or white wine. Don’t forget: the dish is only as good as the ingredients, and if a wine is good enough to go in the pan it should be good enough to go in your glass! Skip the “cooking” wine and use the same bottle you’ll be serving at dinner.

Whether you remix your wine this winter or stick to what you know, the story of the season remains steadfast – it’s a time to enjoy good food, good company, and create (delicious!) memories. Cheers!


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