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Wine Club FAQ

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Pick Up Wine Club Releases and Picking Up Packages


Billing, Cancellations, and General FAQ

 Wine Club Pick Up FAQ

When are the 2024  Wine Club Releases?

Spring Wine Club Release...............02/16/2024
Summer Wine Club Release.........04/26/2024
Fall Wine Club Release.................09/20/2024
Winter Wine Club Release...............11/22/2024

After our tasting, can we stay to enjoy a bottle of wine?

Yes. After the tasting you are welcome to purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy at a table on our lawn. We recommend packing extra camp chairs in your vehicle in the event all of our tables are occupied.

Can I have a friend pick up my wine?

Yes! Simply email us at or text us at 830-644-8186 to let us know who is picking up. We will put a flag on your account with the friend’s name.
Please note that your membership benefits do not extend to those picking up on your behalf.  

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We require that your children be supervised at all times.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not permitted inside the Tasting Room or inside the Cellar at this time. Pets are welcome on our patio and on our lawn while they remain on leashes.

What if all tasting reservations are booked and I cannot make a reservation?

If our reservations are full, don't worry! You are still welcome to visit us and purchase a glass or bottle of wine to hang out on the lawn and enjoy the live music! If you would like to enjoy a tasting, visit us on a different day for a wine club tasting.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Please plan attire accordingly and please call the tasting room at 830-644-2037 for additional information.

How long will you hold my wine?

We will hold your wines until you request that we ship them to you. A shipping charge will apply. We will hold wines for up to 3 months. After that time, we reserve the right to substitute a particular wine with another wine of similar retail price.

Wine Club Shipping FAQ

When are the 2024 Shipping Dates?

Spring Wine Club Shipping...................Feb 12
Summer Wine Club Shipping................Apr 22
Fall Wine Club Shipping.......................Oct 1 (weather dependent)
Winter Wine Club Shipping...................Nov 18

Which states can you ship wine club packages to?

Starting May 2019, wine club packages may be shipped to the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wyoming.

Wine club packages may not be shipped to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

What if my shipping address is incorrect?

You have until the day before the billing date in order to make any changes to your account, including credit card, billing address, shipping address or wine club package selection. After the billing date, a reprocessing or redirection fee will apply for any shipping address changes.

What if I need to delay a shipment? 

Please send us an email at to let us know if the above shipping dates do not work for you. We will do our best to work with your schedule.

What if I need to arrange a specific delivery date or delivery time?

Shipping is completed through UPS, therefore Pedernales Cellars cannot arrange a specific delivery date or time. We invite you to sign up for UPS My Choice to change any delivery information.

What should I do if I want to pick up my package this time?

Please send the wine club office an email at before the billing day to have your package reserved for pick up. If you send a notice on or after the billing date, the request may not be accomodated.

What are the wine club shipping charges?

The shipping fees are listed below. Please note these shipping prices are only offered while we are in our "standard shipping"; shipping during the summer requires specialized packaging and transit times and therefore increased shipping fees. Typically we ship via Summer Shipping from May to September.

Membership Level           In-State          Out-of-State
Hilltop                                 $29.00            $31.00
Vista                                   $32.00            $40.50
Panorama*                          Free                Free

For shipping orders placed in the Tasting Room, over the phone and online, the follow shipping fees apply:

Quantity                            In-State          Out-of-State
1-3 bottles                         $29.00             $31.00
4-6 bottles                         $32.00             $40.50
7-12 bottles                       $39.00             $56.50

All shipping fees are subject to change without prior notice.  Please contact the Wine Club Office or Tasting Room for current shipping pricing.


Wine Club Package

When are the 2024 Billing Dates?

Spring Wine Club Billing...................Feb 6
Summer Wine Club Billing................Apr 16
Fall Wine Club Billing.......................Sep 10
Winter Wine Club Billing...................Nov 12

How can I update my credit card attached to my wine club package?

You can update your credit card either by calling the wine club office at 830-644-8186 or by logging onto our website and updating through your membership portal.

What is in my wine club package for the Summer 2024 release?

Winemaker's Choice Reds Only "360" Mixed

2020 Valhalla (1)
2022 Over The Moon Rosé (1)
2023 Trebbiano (1)
Package Price: $87.20

2019 Newseaux (1)
2020 Valhalla (1)
2021 Texas High Plains
Grenache (1)

2021 Texas Mourvèdre (1)
2022 Over The Moon Rosé (1)
2022 Arcadia (1)
Package Price: $195.20


2020 Valhalla (1)
2021 Texas High Plains
Grenache (1)

2021 Texas Mourvèdre (1)
Package Price: $104.00

2019 Newseaux (2)
2020 Valhalla (1)
2021 Texas High Plains
Grenache (1)

2019 Texas Mourvèdre (1)

2023 Kuhlken Vineyards
Package Price: $224.00


2019 Newseaux (1)
2020 Valhalla (1)
2021 Texas High Plains
Grenache (1)

2021 Texas Mourvèdre (1)
2022 Over The Moon Rosé  (1)
2023 Trebbiano (1)

Package Price: $195.20

Panorama (User Choice)
2019 Newseaux (2)
2020 Valhalla (2)
2021 Texas High Plains
Grenache (2)

2021 Texas Mourvèdre (2)
2022 Over The Moon Rosé (1)
2023 Trebbiano (1)
2023 Kuhlken Vineyards
Blend (2)

Default Package Price: $393.00


If a wine is not included in my wine club package, can I still get it?

The best way to guarantee that you get the wine is to upgrade or change your wine club package selection. You can do so by emailing

If we still have remaining inventory of a wine after the wine club packages are released, we will have it available for sale at the pick up parties or by phone order. We encourage you to RSVP for the parties or call us to ask about ordering additional wines.

Can I customize my package?  

If you are a Panorama member your wine club package is fully customizable. At this time, Hilltop and Vista members cannot customize their packages. 

Can I exchange a wine in my club package if I pay the difference?

Unfortunately Pedernales Cellars does not offer any exchanges for wines in the wine club packages. If you have questions about the wines in your club package, please email us at

What are the Terms and Conditions of my Membership?

Click here for a link to the current terms and conditions of wine club membership with Pedernales Cellars.

How do I cancel my wine club membership?

We are sad to see that you wish to cancel your membership. As a reminder, our policy states that you must receive a minimum of two wine club packages before you are eligible to cancel the membership.  If you meet this criteria, please click here to submit a cancellation request.