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Julie Kuhlken
January 8, 2017 | Blog | Julie Kuhlken

Wines to Glean 2017

Michael recommends trying the 2014 Texas Tempranillo from Pedernales Cellars with the following description.  (Note: If you can't find the 2014 vintage in your local wine merchant, try the recently released 2015 vintage).  

Pedernales Cellars 2014 Texas Tempranillo
Texas is America’s 5th largest wine producer and the Hill Country is its star. Pedernales is consistently once of the regions’ best wineries and this Tempranillo offers a delicious nose of black cherry and blackberry, pomegranate and cranberry notes with hints of dusty oak, a medium acidity and moderate tannins. Aged in American oak for 15 months it will show you how well Texas wines are evolving. Texas barbeque? You bet, but also consider lamb sliders.

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