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Julie Kuhlken
May 23, 2018 | Blog | Julie Kuhlken

Relax with Rosé on Memorial Day

Pedernales Cellars Dry Rose and Ribs 2018

Rosé wine has become incredibly popular go-to drink in warm weather. Prized for its vibrancy and fresh red fruit profile, rosé is refreshing, easy to drink, and easy to pair. Just as it has become acceptable to wear white before Memorial Day, it is totally appropriate to drink rosé before the long weekend. All the same, we can consider Memorial Day Weekend as the unofficial start to Rosé Season.

Purchase our 2017 Dry Rosé

Time to change that popular hashtag #RoséAllDay into # RoséAllMemorialDay!

Unlike many wines of this style, ours is made from grapes grown specifically for rosé in both the High Plains and Hill Country. We are delighted to mention that that some of the grapes in this blend came from the first harvest of our newest block of Mourvèdre at the Kuhlken Estate Vineyard. This Kuhlken lot was meticulously hand-sorted in the vineyard and on the crush pad, where we did a gentle, whole-cluster press of the fruit. Using this direct press, or maceration, method, the red grapes are crushed, extracting a touch of color from the grape skins which gives the wine its beautiful pink color. We fermented the juice at low temperatures in stainless steel to retain its natural vivacious acidity and fruity flavors.Our 2017 Texas Dry Rosé, a Rhône-style blend of Carignan and Mourvèdre grapes, is available currently and is a delightful wine to open and celebrate the long weekend. Like similar Rhône Valley Mourvèdre rosés, our rosé is the perfect balance of floral characters, fresh fruit flavors, and subtle dried herbal notes. It is rounder and fuller-bodied than a rosé made with a lighter-skinned grape (like Sangiovese). The 2017 bursts with bright, fruity aromas of candied watermelon, guava, red delicious apples, and strawberries. It is a luscious wine; juicy cherry and strawberry flavors carry through with a crisp finish.

The 2017 growing season was idyllic, with plenty of hot days and cool nights that allowed for a long growing season, allowing us to harvest ripe fruit. Hence, we were able to craft a rosé wine with such vibrant flavors and a rich, dark pink color. While we usually drink rosé wines young, the 2017 Texas Dry Rosé has the heft to last in your cellar for another year at least.

Memorial Day Weekend Pairings

Rosé is a fantastic light, refreshing style of wine tailor-made for a lazy Memorial Day brunch or picnic on the lake. Our 2017 vintage artfully marries the brightness of a white wine with the fuller body and lusher fruit flavors of red wine. We love it for its versatility: while it pairs famously with delicate fish, its acidity and juicy fruit also make it a surprisingly great wine to drink with Texas BBQ. It has just enough minerality to pair well with the saltiness of a dry rub.

On hot days, it is tempting to serve rosé wine as cold as possible. However, to bring out the complex fruit flavor, we recommend pouring it at a slightly warmer temperature than white wine — at about 50°F. Go ahead; pop your Pedernales Texas Dry Rosé in fridge for about an hour and a half before you open it. 

No matter what you pair with our 2017 Texas Dry Rosé this Memorial Day Weekend, make sure you grab enough bottles to keep your party as vibrant as the wine that's served.


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