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2021 Kyla Vermentino Pet Nat
2021 Kyla Vermentino Pet Nat

KYLA (pronounced, “shoola”) means “chill” in the native tongue of our Swedish relatives which is why it’s the perfect name for our second vintage of Petillant Naturel. Petillant Na-turel, often called “Pet Nat,” is an ancient way of making sparkling wine which involves allowing the wine to complete primary fermentation in the bottle to create carbonation. On the contrary, Champagne is carbonated by a second fermentation, after a period of aging the still wine in bottle. Pet Nat therefore is unaged, largely unfined, and generally has larger bubbles than it’s Method Champenoise counterparts.

Due to the nature of the process of Pet Nat, this wine needs to be bottled before completing primary fermentation, which means it was hand bottled during harvest. We used Texas High Plains Vermentino for this vintage of Pet Nat. It was harvested in August and pressed immediately. After fermenting to the desired brix level, it was hand bottled and laid down to “rest” and complete fermentation until its release in December 2021. As we cannot control the fermentation once it is bottled, you should expect some variation between bottles. Use care when opening!

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Wine Specs

Wine Specs
Texas High Plains
Stainless Steel
Alcohol %

Wine Profile

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Because this wine is largely unmanipulated and unfiltered, it is normal to notice some hazing or deposits in the bottle or glass, this simply adds to the charm of a Pet Nat! On the nose you’ll find lots of bright citrus and floral notes, pear, and fresh bread. This wine is cheerful and light bodied but has lots of fresh light fruit flavors coupled with lovely yeasty notes of a natural sparkling wine.
Food Pairing Notes
Tempura fried shrimp and vegetables, baked brie, any chicken or pork dishes. Poolside with some chips and guacamole would be equally as lovely!