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Pedernales Cellars

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country,

We are very excited to be able to announce that we have contracted with the architects at Lake Flato to design and build a new wine club lounge.  We decided to partner with Lake Flato, because of their renowned ability to design elegant buildings using natural materials with an eye to sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land.  These shared values have made for a very smooth design process that we can now share with you, our members.

The plan for this building goes back many years and has been delayed due to several circumstances beyond our control – pandemic, anyone?  In the interim we have sadly had to shutter our previous wine club lounge in the beloved farmhouse for reasons of the health and well-being of members and staff.  Thank you for your patience while we have made the journey to where we are now.

We are about 3-4 months to the final construction documents.  The design you see in these pictures will probably differ slightly from the finished building, but many elements are core to our conception.  As I have always said, we want to offer our members a chance to enjoy our fantastic view in comfort 365 days a year.  The new building will have a northern face of glass, so that even when it is 100 degrees, you can sip a glass of Viognier and gaze at the Pedernales River Valley from the comfort of an air-conditioned space.  For those who prefer to sit outside, there will be a shaded, screened porch adjacent to the main space which will temper the extremes of Texas weather.  Inside there will be ample chairs and tables for guests to do seated tastings and attend vintner’s dinners.  Lake Flato’s design will be mindful to environmental concerns and be maximally energy and water efficient.

We are also investing in our land in other ways during this project.  We are adding a system of rainwater capture in order make our water use more sustainable, as well as to add new landscaping that incorporates drought resistant local flora.  Less exciting, but structurally very important, we will also upgrade the engineering of our site in order to channel water away from our buildings and toward the landscaping, as well as to regulate energy usage between buildings.  All of these improvements will increase the sustainability of the whole Pedernales estate.

In conclusion, to answer the question that must be hovering on your lips.  When will you be able to see and enjoy the new and improved estate?  We hope to break ground at the latter part of 2022, and that would put completion in early 2024 at the latest.  Cross your fingers that there is no unexpected disruption to this timeline, because we really look forward to being able to welcome you into your new lounge.

Julie Kuhlken, PhD, WSET III
Co-Owner, Pedernales Cellars